College of Arts and Humanities

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Diverse Ideas and Endless Possibilities

The two centers and four departments of the College of Arts and Humanities (CAH) share a common thread: each prepares students by drawing on the established methodologies of social science and humanistic training, whether this takes the form of historical, linguistic, or cultural inquiry, or from active participation in the visual and performing arts. The college also offers study in several world languages from the Pacific, Asia, and Europe. Selected language minors and program minors are also available. The spiritual environment of BYU-Hawaiʻi, coupled with training in the liberal arts, uniquely prepares students to enter the highly competitive markets of today's global economy—the students that emerge, are capable of serving the world in church, community, and professional settings.

We invite each of you to investigate the wealth of offerings available within the CAHas a major within one of our departments and centers, or as a student from an outside discipline who desires to broaden their perspective on the world.

Departments & Centers

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Visual Arts and Communication